Saturday, May 21, 2011

Distraction 146: Motivation in the Face of Defeat

Has David Landor (the actor that played Squiggy) ever played Napoleon?  If not, he should.

There was a recent article about how an entrepreneur forced out of his company spent his separation compensation (aka FU money).  He bought:
1.)  A trip to Africa
2.)  A trip to space
3.)  A letter from Napoleon

"This is the Napoleon letter Handley bought (he used it as inspiration when The Hyperfactory was on the verge of failure):

'We are at a time when you need to double the resolve, and double the vigor of ordinary times.  Lead by example. Be the first to put yourself in danger. And with the troops that you have, I expect you to defeat double of theirs.'"

What a great quote!  (Even if it was from a crazy little man.)


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